Welcome to the Scrolly-verse

by Scrolly the Map

The 1st Original Community Coin on Scroll Network

Into the Scrolly-verse

About the Map

Scrolly The Map takes you on a thrilling adventure where Scrollers gather within the Scrolly Hub. Picture yourself in a vast universe, where every corner holds treasures to uncover and stories to share.

The story of Scrolly begins with the merger of two teams driven by a common goal: to strong create a project of significance that enriches the world of cryptocurrency. Inspired by the dynamic ecosystem of Scroll and its commitment to the community, we laid the foundation for this adventure. Scrolly embodies the values of Scroll and aims to promote this Layer2 while providing an immersive experience for its users.

What differenciate Scrolly from other projects is its community that has emerged and continues to grow. A dedicated, enthusiastic, and caring community that propels us to strive for more. We firmly believe that Scrolly will continue to integrate itself sustainably into the blockchain ecosystem and contribute to the development of Scroll.

In a near future, we envision that Scrolly will play an active role in the evolution of Scroll, offering new features and investing in long-term projects. The future of Scrolly will depend on the willingness and creativity of its community, and we are excited to see future achievements.


Social hub

Connect with fellow Scrollers all around the world

Alpha Corner

Chat, share tips or alphas, shill and discuss projects

Farm Airdrops

Maximize your interaction with 3 potential Airdrops all at once (Scroll, Orbis, Ceramic)

NFT Launchpad

Create your own NFT collection


Participate in various contests to win appetizing prizes

Coming soon

Be patient! New features are to be announced